I need the deets. How does your acne treatment work?

I appreciate that you’re a person who wants to know your stuff. Let’s look at the science!

If you’d rather watch a 39 second video explaining it,  click here.

If you’d rather read a paragraph (maybe in under 39 seconds? You’re wild. I like you), continue reading.

Instead of killing the entire microorganism collection on your face, NERD Skincare is based on articles that show that S. epidermidis suppress the growth of P. acnes by producing short chain fatty acids.

In the lab, we created polymers that can be cut by enzymes, and then utilized by S. epidermidis in the pathway that produces short chain fatty acids to help it fight P. acnes.

Our main ingredient is a unique form of PEG-12, which is the raw material that is used by S. epidermidis to produce the acids.

In layman's terms, our product encourages your skin to produce fatty acids (this is a good thing) that counteracts acne bacteria.

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