Cystic acne!

Cystic acne is a pain in the ass, that's why we're here to help.

Do expect to live with them for 2 more weeks and they'll leave you forever.

The first week is the most essential.

Week 1.

After cleansing your face, apply acne treatment and "massage" the nourishing cream into every single one of those red bumpy pimples.

A. They will form whiteheads within a week, you pop them with a sterilized needle and gently squeeze the pus out until you see clear fluid or blood. [You may need to repeat this a couple reps if that acne has been sitting there for over a month.]

B. No whiteheads form, they still look red, bumpy and sometimes painful. You will NEED to use a sterilized needle to open the tip of the acne, gently squeeze the dirty infected blood out. You might need to repeat this for a couple days. If you don't clear the pus out, chances are no acne products can help you, not even NERD.

Last but not least, always apply acne treatment and nourishing cream after popping with clean hands!

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